On your Erasmus/Exchange semester you meet many new people, make new unforgettable memories, visit places, try new things, eat new food, you face language barriers and see how slowly but steady you become part of this new community.

When you arrive here everything is new, soon you will have walked the same streets over and over, visited the local pubs and bars, spent countless hours in this city getting lost and finding yourself.... The day will come and you will have to leave, you will remember this place but... how will this place remember you?
It is time to leave your mark. Get involved! Be aware of this society's strengths and weaknesses, be a part of its culture and education, take care of the environment you are living in. You are a part of this. Give something back.

MONDAY 16th of November:
"Christmas in a Shoebox" - Give children the opportunity to have an unforgettable Christmas experience. Come join us around 6 p.m. to make something amazing out of old Shoeboxes - a tiny box full of joy!
Meeting point: G1.1.24

TUESDAY 17th of November:
"Little Erasmus" - You all have seen how important it is to know foreign languages. The best is always to start as soon as possible.
From 15:00 - 18:00 Help us raise the next generation of open minded world citizens and come with us to play, draw and learn with kids from Helen Doron Learning Center.
Please register so we know who is coming!! Space is limitted!!

WEDNESDAY 18th of November:
"Get involved with the Youth" - 'We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future' - Franklin D. Roosevelt.
You are free in the afternoon and would like to get involved? 
Our local Youth Center "Pulverturm" invites us to spend an afternoon (from 14:00 - 18:00) with the local teenagers, to hang out and do fun stuff, to play table soccer or exchange ideas. Ideal amount of students participating would be 3!
Please talk to us directly in case you are interested in this event! :)

"Games Night" – Spend some quality time with local regular students and fellow exchangees! From 19:00 bring your favorite board and card games and show us how you play it in your country. You don’t have any games in Krems? Join us anyway and let the Austrians teach you “Schnapsen”! It is all about coming together and teaching each other that there is not only “one right way” to play ;)

THURSDAY 19th of November:
“Free Hugs!” - One of our favorite events in the past years. AT 15:30 grab some sharpies, a poster and spread the love in Landstrasse! People in Austria tend to be stiff and cold, wake them up and open your arms to show them that it is okay to hesitate at first and then embrace new things and people. ♥

FRIDAY 20th of November:
"Humans of Krems welcome" - Join us in Stadtpark to welcome our new neighbours! Play some soccer or frisbee or talk and share experiences. Let them know that they are welcome here ♥

“Turn on your Heart” - Join ESN Vienna at the Hauptbahnhof help sort food, clothes and pass those things out.

SATURDAY 21st of November: stay tuned :)

SUNDAY 22nd of November:
“Green Tourism” - We have all been there, your exchange semester simply is THE opportunity to travel. But don’t forget that (so far) we only have this one planet to discover…so better keep it clean! To raise awareness we want to green travel to Donauwarte with you, enjoy a beautiful day in nature and have an eco-friendly picknick on top of the Wachau Valley. We meet at 11am in front of the G building!
(Event is subject to changes due to weather conditions)


THURSDAY 26th of November
Leave your mark, come and donate, set an example and show them that we are all humans of this world, we are the Erasmus generation, we are world citizens, We are humans of Krems.
Don't forget to register!! Find the registration form in the event link.

#THISisESN #SocialErasmusWeek #LeaveYourMark

+++ Events are subject to slight changes due to some event partners still conditioning their plans Stay Tuned!! +++


16/11/2015 - 18:00 to 22/11/2015 - 21:00
  • Everyone is invited.